28 Quick Topic Ideas To Write A Killer Blog +6 Secret Tips

All bloggers and authors experience writer’s block once in a while. It is when we feel the urge to write, but we cannot find the perfect words or we lack ideas. The more this period prolongs, the more frustration arises, which can further lead to mental or physical exhaustion.

So, it is better to make exemplary efforts on time to eliminate writer’s block and experience the flow of content. And the best way to get out of it is to keep scribbling, irrespective of whatever happens.

If you are wondering what to write about, we have covered you. This blog will let you discover 28 creative inspirations to help you get started. All these ideas work wonders for bloggers as they can prepare initial blogs on these topics. Even if you’re not a blogger, grab a laptop, notepad, or journal and focus on the following creative inspiration.

28 Ideas To Inspire You In Creative Writing

  1. Reflect On Your Childhood Reminiscence

As kids, we experience so many things for the first time. Some of them are strongly ingrained in our minds, while a few of them are not.

A particular event of your childhood might have taken up a significant part of your memory.

So, you can write about it by explaining every detail.

Where were you, and how old were you at that time? Were you alone, or had someone along with you in that incident? What do you remember hearing, seeing, smelling, and feeling? Penning down your childhood reminiscence will take you on a joyful ride, and you might even get emotional. So keep a box of tissue paper beside you.

  • Re-Read Your Most-Loved Book

Whether you are a bookworm or not, you must have read a few books in your lifetime. So, you might have a favourite one in your collection. Usually, we fall in love with a specific publication for a couple of reasons. Firstly, we relate to the content on a deeper level, making it a place in our hearts. Another possibility involves that the book offered you an ‘aha’ moment and transformed your perspective. It further encouraged you to change your lifestyle and come a long way.

Another reason can be that you are a fiction buff, and the fictitious novel takes you on an imaginary trip. Hence, whatever the case is, it is time to re-read it. Trust us; you will discover some new things that you never noticed about it before. And then, write about what impresses you the most about the publication and how it impacted you.

  • Take Inspiration From Social Media

You might have active accounts on two or more social platforms. Users upload posts every second, and each one of them focuses on something unique. While scrolling social feeds, you will surely come across posts encouraging you to save or repost them on your story. Hence, look at your saved posts and pick the one that inspires you to move your pen on the paper. Share your thoughts about it or any trending hashtag. You will get surprised at how you would keep filling the pages and overcome your writer’s block.

Besides, Pinterest stays on top of all the social media platforms for grabbing creative writing prompts. It has an ocean of valuable and practical ideas that will take your writing skills to another level. Besides, if you watch a particular reel or short story, try to craft an extended format, broadening your imagination.

  • Review Your Past Entry Within Your Journal

Review past journal entries if you have been keeping a diary that you update with your life happenings. And ensure they are the oldest ones. It will be something similar to the time machine and take you back to the past. While devouring memories, note why mentioning them in the diary was necessary. Besides, what emotions did it evoke inside you while reading those past entries? Hence, move your fingers on the keyboard and answer these queries.

  • Your Unexpected Fortune Or Misfortune

Life is full of uncertainty and surprises. You never know what will happen next and what will come in your path. Nothing always remains the same. Everything changes with the passage of days, even if we wish to stay the same. Random events can bring fortune or misfortune; how you react to them is up to you. Hence, have you ever transformed your soon-to-be mishap with a favorable outcome?

Suppose some wise students compose intricate assignments, which may contain plagiarism. And it can lead to score reduction, failure in the course, or even expulsion, but they save themselves by taking top-rated proofreading services. It is how they decrease the risk of any miserable situation and score high. Similarly, write about any of your life where you unexpectedly encountered misfortune and then describe how you dealt with it.

  • Favourite Local Spots Where You Usually Hangout

You would have your favourite local spots as someone who can’t stay home for so long. You may visit those places alone or with your gang of friends to have a great time together. So, you must have chosen those destinations due to some specific reasons. Maybe you loved the ambiance or food? Perhaps those spots offer you some unique vibes and allures to return.

Whatever the cause is, describe why those destinations are your favorite. What do you generally do when you arrive at those places, and if you have any significant memory related to it? This will brighten your mood and encourage you to implement other creative ideas.  

  • Write About Your Regrets

‘I didn’t hustle hard but could have’

‘I wish I had not said those words to her’

‘I wish I had lived all these years for myself rather than living up to people’s expectations’

Regret is the emotion of wishing to take a different decision than one took, which leads to unfavourable consequences. It is a feeling of sorrow and disappointment that everyone goes through in their lives.

So, you might have at least one regret, if not many. You can take a moment to give your thoughts the shape of words. This activity will also help you release the negative emotions linked to those regrets.

  • Your Fears And How Did You Overcome Them

Like regret, fear is also an emotion reacting to something that seems dangerous. As everyone is unique, so each person is afraid of different things. For instance, some individuals have a fear of injections, which is also known as Trypanophobia. Besides, many people have Cynophobia, which might have developed in childhood.

The possibility is high that such individuals got bitten by a dog, resulting in a phobia. We are sure you would have had some fears, so enlighten your audience. And if you have overcome them, share your journey of dealing with it. It can help your readers eliminate their phobias and release dreadful emotions.

  • Post Your Travel Diaries

Hello to all the wanderlust spirits out there! This idea is especially for you. Though travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations, it also serves as a shapeshifter of your mindset. Irrespective of whether you go on an adventure to another city or country, there are innumerable things to explore. You get a wholesome experience from rich cuisine and historical destinations to the rich culture and welcoming citizens. It teaches so much about humans, mother nature, and yourself.

The great thing about traveling is that it helps us discover our true authentic selves. And what else can you desire? So, if you ever went on an adventure somewhere, share your experience in the form of travel diaries. Open up about everything you explored and how did it impact you? It will help your audience understand you in an enhanced manner and get a travel guide.

  1. Your Goals And Master Plan To Achieve It

Goals refer to the desired results that a person or team works towards achieving in a specific duration. Goals are essential to human life and drive them to grind despite harsh circumstances. With an optimistic mindset, you must also set short-term and long-term goals. They might be related to your academic, professional, or personal life.

Suppose your target was to find a suitable career that aligns with your passion and desirable lifestyle. To track your progress and attain your goal, you must also have prepared a master plan, right? Hence, pick your aims and designed framework as a theme and jot down all about it. It is one of the best creative yet productive things to work on. While carrying out this activity, you might discover a better strategy to achieve your objectives.

  1. Enlighten Your Readers With Your Expertise

Irrespective of your age, gender, and lifestyle, you might be an expert at something. If you are unaware of it, contemplate it to identify your expertise. People might praise you for it or take advice from you related to it. Whatsoever scribble about your expertise to share your valuable information with other individuals. It will help them learn and enhance their abilities.

  1. A Life-Changing Interview

If you ever got the opportunity to take an interview with an inspiring personality, write it down. But if you haven’t yet, the internet is full of discussions of famous individuals. Many of them entered the spotlight due to their outstanding achievements earned through persistence and hustle. So, if you ever encounter a mind-blowing interview that is still a prominent part of your memory, take it down on paper. It will refresh their inspiring lessons and motivate you to achieve your goals.

  1. Have You Ever Had A Close To Death Experience?

Everyone may not relate to this sub-heading but take it as an inspiration if you do. A close-to-death experience is one where a person is about to die but fortunately doesn’t. Supernaturally, you can also define this term as feeling their spirit leaving the body and watching themselves from above. Some people undergo this state while treating chronic diseases, while others experience a tragic accident.

Hence, write down about how was your close-to-death experience. Using your creative skills, try to make it as dramatic as possible to offer some thrill to the readers. It is also a great exercise to boost your creative writing skills.

  1. Express Your Emotions About Losing A Loved One

Love is the basic emotions of a human, like anger and happiness. We all have innumerable people around us, but some are our loved ones. They may include our family members, friends, partners, pets, et cetera. With time and effort, a deep affection for them emerges in our hearts.

However, we as humans have to leave this world one day. So, if your loved ones have passed away or you lost them for other reasons, take this as a chance to scribble. How did their loss affect you, and how did you overcome it? Hence, express your emotions related to it, and this activity is also beneficial for purging out. It will help you release your trapped feelings and make you feel light.

  1. Rewrite Your Existing Blogs

Here is a creative idea for all the bloggers reading this post. Look at your posted blogs, whether you are a new or famous blogger. Scroll down to the bottom of your list and delve deeper into the initial posts. You might cringe or feel emotional while reading them, but you will also notice your progress. It is a great way to examine your writing skills and blogging advancement.

Pick one or more titles to rewrite them. You would probably have better ideas to compose on the same topic after continuously practicing for so long. Once you complete writing, compare the ‘now’ draft with the one of the past, and you can repost them or amend the previous blogs.

  1. Give Reviews To Grammar And Syntax Checks For Books

Exploring new tools and services related to content composition helps in the long term if belonging to a writing industry. Therefore, whenever possible, you should give it a try to popular relevant applications and assistance providers. Especially bloggers can start a reviewing series where they share their analysis of grammar and syntax checks for books. They can also post reviews of proofreading and plagiarism tools to guide their audience.

  1. Outside The Window

Whether you dwell in your city’s hustle, bustle area or a serene spot, look outside your window. What do you notice first? What is the one thing that captivates your attention the most? Are there any people passing down your street or animals? If yes, what are they doing? Answering these questions might help you observe something that you never did before.

  1. The One-Sided Love Poem

Have you ever fallen head over heels for someone, but they didn’t develop feelings for you in return? If yes, it is time to take that as an opportunity to write your first love poem if you’ve never given it a shot. Start by learning the ropes about the composition of verses, then share your one-sided love for the poem’s shape. Who knows what if your composed verses might get you in the limelight?

  1. Write About An Animal

Are you a zoophilist (animal lover)? Do you have any pets? If yes, then how many and what are those? Share your details about them, like their name, appearance, habits, et cetera. In contrast, if you don’t keep any pet with you, pick any animal and scribble about it.

  • What Is Your Addiction?

We all have some addiction. Some excessively consume drugs, alcohol, smoke, et cetera, while others are obsessed with social media and their phones. Moreover, many children are obsessed with a particular toy while growing up despite owning plenty of playthings. Yet they always carry and also sleep with their favourite toy. Hence, whether you have any addiction these days or while growing up, open up about it. And if you have gotten rid of your obsession, share that journey to inspire your readers.

  • Define Your Meaning Of Words

Here comes an exciting and creative inspiration to fill your pages with content. Take a dictionary in your hands, open it up to a random word and define what it means to you. Your perception towards specific terms may be different compared to the authentic meaning. Hence, pick a few words from the dictionary and share their definition according to your perspective.

  • What Brings Good Vibes To Your Life?

Vibes are the emotions and feelings that emerge in the sense of atmosphere. We may get good or bad depending on the people and things in our surroundings. Knowing what brings good vibes into your life and what does not is essential. It helps to enhance the quality of living. So, take a moment to contemplate what objects or people offer positive energy to you. Listing all of them in your laptop or journal will enlighten you about many things and improve your life.

  • The Sounds You Hear

Visit any of your favourite spots within your city, sit there for an hour, and observe everything. Be all ears to the surrounding happenings and note every sound you hear. You might catch on to some new vibrations that were entirely anonymous for you. It will awaken your more profound level of consciousness and elevate your awareness.

  • Saying No Made You Feel Empowered

Yes is a good and healthy habit, but saying no in some situations is vital. It shifts our perspective and reaction to problems and gives us the power to take control of situations. It also improves our decision-making skills, hence making us feel empowered. It teaches us to value ourselves more and improve our mental peace. So, when was the time when you said no to something and how it improved your circumstances?

  • A Tear-Jerker Movie

As a movie buff, you must have watched numerous films. Some of them in the comedy genre must have hurt your stomach by laughing loudly. In contrast, some movies would have served as tear-jerkers for you. Hence, select one of them and discuss the scene that made you cry your heart out.

  • The First Time You Held Someone’s Hand

Researchers state that holding hands did not decrease emotional pain instantly, but it offered feelings of comfort. It also links to emotional and physical intimacy.

At times, taking the hands of our friends or family in ours bring comfort to us. Thus, scribe your experience of holding the hand of someone you like for the first time. If you haven’t, write about when you were at your worst and holding hands with your close ones made you feel better.

  • Define Any Abstract Art

Abstract art is a form of artwork that does not indicate an actual visual reality. Instead, it communicates through lines, shapes, colours, conditions, and other marks. Scroll through Pinterest or any other platform and select a few abstract art photos. Get an eyeful of them and keep moving your hand to take note of everything you notice. Describing the artwork in your words will also serve as a healthy brain activity.

  • Your Silliest Slip-Ups

The greatest poet, Alexander Pope, once said to err is human, which is true. Humans commit trivial mistakes or massive blunders at various points in life. However, every person should try to reduce their flaws and improve every aspect of living. But at least for once, you would have slipped up over some silliest thing, so what was it? Write down about it.

6 Tips To Turn These Ideas Into Compelling Blogs

Blog posts are one of the trendiest and most beneficial forms of content on the internet. Due to this, many companies look out to blogging as a medium for digital marketing. It is also a great way to showcase your passion, expertise and enhance your writing skills. If you don’t have your blogging site yet, get one or support any other blogger. Start your journey by choosing any of the above creative ideas. However, you will need some profound tips while entering a blogger’s world. To help you, we present this part in which we will share six tips to turn your ideas into compelling blogs.

Let’s get started!

  1. Pick A Topic

Composing a compelling and well-written blog starts with selecting a topic. Below are the practical tricks to help you choose a relevant and attention-grabbing title for yourself:

  • One of the excellent techniques for the best case is by conducting keyword research. It is the process to determine what queries your target audiences ask the most. Offering solutions to their questions in the form of posts will attract tremendous traffic to your website
  • Tools like Ahrefs or KWFinder will assist you greatly in your keyword research
  • Type a keyword on the search engine and scroll down to the bottom of your first page. Use the related search terms to select more relevant topics
  • Scan the comments section of your competitors and other popular blog posts within your niche. Examine what the readers want to know more about the title and use that as the topic of your posts
  • Select The Format For Your Blog

Select the appropriate format once you have the topic you’ll first work on. There are various sorts of structures. Therefore, choosing the one that ranks high on search engine result pages is essential. Here are some of the popular designs in this case:

  • How-To-Post: It involves a step-by-step guide to executing a specific task
  • List Format: It contains an article written as a list. It has various sub-headings listed with numbering, making it easier to skim
  • What Post: It involves explaining what the title claims in a simplified manner. If option this option, make sure to avoid jargon
  • Interview Format: This type deals with the introduction and conversation from the perspective of a famous personality within your industry. You ask those distinguished figures relevant queries and share their expertise with your readership. It is also great to attract their audience towards your website
  • Craft An Engaging Headline

By now, you would have a clear idea about the topic and format you want to work on. It is time to craft an engaging headline. A title is the first thing your target audience notices about your content. So, it should be exciting and alluring enough to convince the audience to click on it. A rough or working title doesn’t have to be perfect because it is the foundation for creating your content.

So, once you finalize your draft, write captivating headline suggestions. And then choose the one which will attract the highest amount of readership.

Here are some beneficial tips to craft a persuasive headline:

  • Consider the usage of numbers in the title
  • The headline should promise to add some value to the readership
  • Ask a question that awakens excitement
  • Include hyphens and colons
  • Prefer writing long headlines up to 65 characters with spaces
  • Prepare A Framework

If you want the result to be the best, prepare a framework for the writing process. An outline will give you an overview of your final draft. Hence, consider the following tips when creating a framework for your blog:

  • Provide a precise description for every section
  • Come up with bullet points for every sub-heading to have an idea about the discussion
  • Keep the overall word count in mind before creating an outline. Divide the total amount to dedicate to each sub-heading
  • Make sure all the sub-headings and bullet points are relevant to the main title
  • Take Outline As A Roadmap To Create Your First Draft

Divide your first draft into three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.

Below are a couple of tricks to write the finest and most interesting rough draft:

  • Write the first or hook sentence in a way that instantly sparks curiosity within the readers
  • Ensure your content has smooth transitions to increase the readability factor
  • Include a strong thesis statement to indicate the purpose of your post clearly
  • The topics sentence is the opening sentence of paragraphs, which clarifies the theme of it. Dedicate every section or sub-heading to a new yet relevant idea
  • Back up your topic sentence with supporting statements with evidence
  • Restate the topic, summarize everything in the conclusion, and avoid including new information. Add a call to action and drop thoughtful questions at the end for the readers
  • Finalize The Rough Draft

If you have composed content according to your outline, take it to the maximum level of perfection. Here are beneficial strategies to consider regarding finalizing the rough draft:

  • Take a break from the work to come back to it with a refreshed mindset for the best results
  • Examine the content by wading through in a loud voice and slow speed
  • Make sure the structure and format are coherent to maximize readability
  • Identify any language inconsistency and fix it to make the draft more professional
  • Ensure all the facts you have included are correct
  • Eliminate grammatical flaws and filler words. Also, correct misspellings and other mistakes
  • Include videos, images, infographics, GIFs, et cetera to make your blog appealing and professional

The Bottom Line

This is a wrap on 28 creative inspirations to write about when experiencing writer’s block. All these ideas are effortless to compose for everyone, irrespective of age, gender, or lifestyle. Besides, we also shared six tips, containing innumerable tricks to transform the above ideas into compelling blogs. They will not enhance your writing skills but let you discover more truths about yourself. You will connect with yourself, your loved ones and nature on a deeper level. So, what are you waiting for now? Pick a few above ideas and get rolling!

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