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We've worked with customers in over 30 countries to provide a wide range of arrangements that meet the requirements for thousands of publications for notable institutions. We provide writing assistance, business document proofreading, ESL formatting, dissertation formatting/editing, and job application proofreading. We offer fast response times, even for short timelines.

Proofreading Editing Service

Leave your copy editing concerns to our professional staff. Language, punctuation, grammar, typos, and structure will all be addressed to guarantee that your material is flawless.

Your work, amended with speed, skill and precision
  • All our proofreaders hold a doctorate and have vast industry and academic research expertise.
  • We span the complete range of sciences (pure, applied, and social)
  • We have a track record in writing, revising, and proofreading
  • We make all composing and technical interactions more impactful.
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We provide a payment gateway method that allows for instant payment and confirmation. Whether you choose Standard or Accelerated Delivery, you can avail the same degree of high quality comprehensive and detailed proof reading. Our pricing structure has been reduced to a science that is both cost-effective and equitable to our customers.

Why you should Pick Proofreading Services Canada for your Next Document

Subject Matter Experts Subject-Matter Experts

Our innovative editor-selection process means that your copyediting work is given to highly competent experts in your field; all of our specialists have earned a PhD.

Strong Security Measures Strong Security Measures

We are always concerned about the safety of your information. Therefore, we have robust rules, processes, and technology to protect your sensitive data.

Drive Exposure Drive Exposure

Pay solely for the proofreading solutions you require, as and when required. Allow our proof reading staff to improve your site's exposure and individual presence.

Around the Clock Around the Clock

We have a global staff of editors accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so that you may send your work at any time.

Guaranteed Satisfaction Guaranteed Satisfaction

We assure you that scientific publications will not refuse articles proofread by us owing to grammatical or formatting issues. You can rely on us for quality, competence, and promptness.

Surefire Privacy Surefire Privacy

Our confidentiality policy assures that researchers, scholars, entrepreneurs, or people in business worldwide can send their findings here with total trust.

What Our Customers Say About PSC!

Over 17K+ customers have rated PSC 4.8 out of 5 on Google reviews and we have Excellent rating on Trustpilot

Infinite Happy Clients
Connor Nov 11, 2021
Top Rated Service

Proofreading Services Canada was my first choice since they don't publicize all the time, which I believe gives them legitimacy. I needed proofreading to ensure that my grammar was clear and I'm glad I went with it. I would use the same services again and recommend them to others.

Infinite Happy Clients
Reece Jan 24, 2022
Top Rated Service

I used ProofreadingServicesCanada because their editing meets global norms, they have fantastic customer service representatives, and they provide excellent assistance. They also assist in the training of scientific writing techniques. I will explore additional services in the future.

Infinite Happy Clients
Damian Feb 09, 2022
Top Rated Service

After being suggested to ProofreadingServicesCanada, I opted to utilize them. I got prompt, high-quality proofreading at a fair price, and I've now referred them to many others. I will undoubtedly be using the services again.

Infinite Happy Clients
Jacob Mar 12, 2021
Top Rated Service was my first choice since they provided a wide selection of services at a fair price, with an easy purchase and submitting process. The most significant advantage was obtaining well-edited work with helpful suggestions.

Infinite Happy Clients
Murphy Mar 28, 2022
Top Rated Service

I was worried that my manuscript would be rejected due to its poor linguistic quality. Your proofreader went above and beyond what I expected. I'm more optimistic that my work will be approved today, and I'd gladly suggest your service.

Infinite Happy Clients
Taylor May 06, 2022
Top Rated Service

My essay was accepted after I used your proofreading services since the level of my English increased. I will certainly work with you again, so I suggest your services to all writers based in Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and more!

Why Our Proofreading Service Is Popular in Canada!

Proofreading Services Canada covers various topics and submission types, including better academic research papers, Doctorate and Master's term papers, reference guide submissions, and manuals.

  • Leading publications consider us a recommended partner
  • Agency offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Ontario
  • Worldwide operations with local teams
  • We will re-edit work if you’re not satisfied
  • We have a secure payment system
  • Your processes and team will be perfectly fit into
  • We uphold strong procedures and policies

Allow us to polish up writing so that it is attention-grabbing and relevant.

We target 100% happiness and nothing less.

Our Proofreading Service

By taking care of typos, structure, spelling, and grammar, our regular editing can help in removing ambiguity. With us by your beck and call, you can have a thoroughly edited manuscript delivered back to you in a quarter of the time.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We make certain that the writing and editing grade we create meets international norms and is suitable to the large majority of publishers worldwide.

Canadian Proofreaders That Will Help You Succeed

The Proofreading Services Canada crew proofread a college document for me. They not only rectified countless grammatical and spelling errors, but they also suggested appropriate phrasing for my intended audience. The greatest part is that they did it overnight... super rapid, extraordinarily good, and highly accurate proofreading and editing. I'll be back for my next publication too.

Lotfi Belkhir, McMaster University
How We Help Your Work Become Publish Worthy

We go over the complete spectrum, making Proof Reading Services Canada perfect for you. Now you can submit your work with confidence.

Proofreading Services Academic

We can get your personal statement, assignment, dissertation, research paper, journal article, admission essay, etc., edited in no time.

  • Uses Microsoft comment system
  • Tweaked to guarantee satisfaction
  • Work is presented in a formalized manner
  • Any discrepancies are corrected.
  • Proper recommendations
  • Correcting the layout of the document
  • Technological syntax and sentence structure
Academic Proofreading
Editing Services Author

We can help make your poetry, story, screenplay, manuscript, book, novel, script, magazine, self-help, etc., publish worthy.

  • Ensure easy to understand sentences
  • Straightforward, concise, and brief
  • Language that is relevant to the subject
  • 'Clean' form of your paper
  • Feedback in depth
  • Italicization and abbreviation cuts
  • Correct spelling differences between the UK/US
Editing Services
Business Proofreading Business

We can help increase the impact of your legal documents, marketing material, website content, manuals, annual report, etc., for the next meeting.

  • Thorough stylistic revision
  • Properly prepared document
  • Logged corrections and remarks
  • Terminology that is appropriate
  • Double-checking word selection
  • Repairing spelling mistakes
  • Checking grammar mistakes
Business Proofreading
Content Proofreading Job Applications

We can get you hooked on a cover letter, CV, personalized Résumé, etc., to land your next big job.

  • Freshly crafted resume to get the dream job
  • Ensuring that the punctuation is proper
  • Ensuring terms are application friendly
  • Reducing redundancy in the structure
  • Grammatical patterns
  • Cross-referencing with the main content
Content Proofreading
How long does proofreading take?
Words Day Count
0 to 2,000 2 Working Days
2,001 to 5,000 4 Working Days
5001 to 15,000 6 Working Days
15,001 to 20,000 8 Working Days
20,001 to 50,000 10 Working Days
15+ Years of Experience
6000+ Orders Completed
98% Customer Satisfaction
Process to Hire Certified Canadian Proofreaders

The proofreading team behind our website has helped thousands of authors, business people, job seekers and academics to polish their writing.

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Assess the set of words in your document before sending it in.

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100% Satisfaction
100% Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantee

Once paid, we will begin the editorial process right away.

We’ve edited over 1,075,000 papers and served over 400,000 authors from popular institutions
Our Clients

Why Our Proofreaders Are Trusted Worldwide?

Research shows that our editors detect errors more accurately than online software’s, making it the top choice for International and Canadian candidates.

  • When it comes to editors, we have a rigorous selection in place
  • Your proofreader will have a master's degree at the very least
  • Most are engaged academics, and all are fluent and native English
  • Upwards of 15 years of editing and proofreading expertise in written prose
  • We have a specialist for almost all disciplines
  • Our breadth of experience renders us the ideal choice for your proofreading needs
  • Several of Canada’s top institutions have approved us as providers

We are dedicated to offering an honest editing and proofreading service, which ensures that our clients' effort and reputation are always safeguarded. Thousands of writers and scientists have benefited from our expert proofreading services— now it’s your chance!

We’re here to Answer Your FAQs

What is proofreading?

Proofreading involves thoroughly scrutinizing text. Our Canadian-based company provides proofreading that will assess papers for technical problems, punctuation, capitalization, spellings, etc.

In addition, our affordable and economical editing and proof reading services make sure that the information in papers is represented rationally and presented concisely and accurately.

What are the best proofreading services?

Proofreading Services Canada is one of the best professional sites on the market. Our online platform is a well-known name in Canadian editing services for the international community.

As of 2005, we have collaborated with researchers from over 126 countries to improve research dissemination and assist them in achieving successful publications. We provide editing services with various alternatives to guarantee that the report's requirements are satisfied.

How much do proofreaders charge per page?

Let's get into "How much should you pay someone to proofread?" Generally, pricing ranges from $12 to $30 per hour. However, our pricing is based on the number of words, ensuring that you only pay for whatever you need and nothing more. This also ensures our reviewers are adequately rewarded for their diligent work.

Basing our prices on the number of words reduces unfair factors like the complexity of the subject matter, graphs, charts, tables, size of the font and style.

What is the difference between editing and proofreading?

Proofreading means that you want to go through inconsistencies, missed/incorrect punctuations, misspellings, etc. On the other hand, editing corrects issues at the document's core, like language clarity and sentence construction. Thorough editing from our side can improve the tone, clarity and readability of the text.

To learn further about our editing and proof reading solution alternatives, please visit our Services Page. But if you're still unclear about which package to choose, give us your documents, and we will assist you in selecting the appropriate service based on the specifications of your work.

Are proofreading services legit?

If we put it simply, there are several online 'services for proofreading' websites that steal people's money or disclose their credit information. We neither steal nor rip you off with poor quality services.

We understand how essential anonymity is to everyone. All of our reviewers are in-house workers governed by the Canadian Code of Conduct and moral ideals to ensure anonymity and quality. The information on the databases is periodically updated, and our Technological infrastructure is constantly checked. Furthermore, our file storage has various levels of verification, ensuring that your data and files are secure with us.

Can I pay someone to proofread my paper?

You can hire us to edit your documents! Or you request us to "edit my paper for free," and we'll ADVICE you. Kindly ensure that you need our service and understand all elements going into play before paying a bill. Once you've paid, our writers will begin working on your paper, and no returns will be issued.